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Lake Forest, IL 60045 USA
US-China Xinxin Biotechnologies, Ltd.
151 Renmin Zhong Rd.
Wujin, Changzhou 213161 P.R.China

Welcome to our Website!
The ACHTEAM,LLC. is a biotechnology company which serves the biocommunities internationally especially in the field of biotech collaborations between China and regions out of China. ACTHTEAM, LLC.'s major task is to help to promote business of US-China XInxin Biotechnologies, Ltd. in USA and provide the convenience of the communication in the biotech communities between USA and China. Our services include bioassay especially immunoassay and enzyme assay development , reagents supply , import and export, to and from many countries. We also set up a distribution net work in China for biotechnology partners. The China entity US-China Xinxin Biotechnologies, Ltd is focusing more business in China, the fields cover assay development, reagents supply and distribution, and also be a liaison company to link international companies to China companies to penetrate China market. we also a supplier help to reduce your material cost…, please call us for a free consultation.
What We Do

Biotechnology Division:

  • Proteins
  • Antibodies
  • ELISAs
  • Multiplex Assays/Arrays collaborations
  • Assays & Reagents
  • General Laboratory Reagents
  • Assay Services (Analytical Testing Service and Custom Assay Development)

Others Services:

  • Identifying trust and capable partners.
  • SFDA Regulatoies consultant
  • Parmaceitical Market ananlysis
  • Product distribution in China.
  • Nevigate government relationships.
  • Free consultations
  • Award-winning service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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